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The Food Truck

We Love Grilled Cheese
Melted Madness PNG_edited.png
Melted Madness PNG_edited.png

Aiming to change the way people experience grilled cheese, in 2015, we set out to make our dream a reality by founding the Melted Madness food truck. From humble beginnings, you can now find us everywhere from food truck rally's and large scale events to birthday parties and corporate affairs. Through our philosophy of "who doesn't love grilled cheese?" we've been showing all of South Florida the craftier side of this legend, one sandwich at a time.

By sticking to our values of serving genuinely delicious food and providing top notch customer service, each experience with our truck is sure to be deliciously memorable. From timeless classics to more adventurous creations, we put a fun and tasty twist on America’s favorite comfort food. So, whether you see us rolling down the highway or surrounded by hungry fans, be sure to stop by and experience the taste of true, craft grilled cheese!

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