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With A Crafty Twist

Hip N' Cool

Back in 2015, we set out with the simple mission to serve the best grilled cheese sandwiches South Florida (and eventually, the world) has ever tasted. Thousands of raving fans later, we're showing everyone that grilled cheese isn't just for kids, but adults too.

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Trying to impress your guests?

Best. Party. Ever.

The Food
Crafty N' Tasty

From the start, we knew that if we wanted to be the best, we had to use only the best ingredients. Between artisan cheeses from Wisconsin and beyond, carefully sourced local ingredients, and a touch of culinary innovation, we take grilled cheese to the next level of delicious.

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Private Parties

That have never been tastier

Simple N' Professional

Tacos? Pizza? Cold deli sandwiches? Rather than go the traditional route, surprise your hungry guests with America’s favorite comfort foods! When you’re looking for something different, exciting, and, of course, delicious, we’ve got you more than covered.


Contact us with the details of your event to see our full catering menu.


Jordan Rodriguez, Facebook 

I went with the BBQ pulled pork and cheddar grilled cheese, and let me tell, I'd easily slip into a food coma eating at this place!

Megan Padron, Facebook

Amazing food!!! I would have gotten another sandwich if I didn't get to Bangin Banjos so late. I definitely want to eat from your truck again!

Kaitlin Marie, Facebook

Melted Madness came to our office yesterday and it was so much fun! Delicious grilled cheese sandwiches,  can't wait to have their truck come again!

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